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Young Mothers of Hawaii

map-single parents

This post is directed to the many young friends I have made since moving to Hawaii.  Plying my ‘trade’ as a photographer has given me access to many young ladies on our islands, many of whom I have become friends with over the years.  I often talk with these young woman and hear of their situations.  What I hear does NOT make me a happy person, nor does it do much to make me very proud of our Islands.

While those of us that live in Hawaii love our state, we also know that it is a far cry from Paradise. Most of us think of our own well being and desire to enjoy our lives. For the most part we forget that there are many around us
that are a lot less fortunate. In the past few weeks my own small circle of friends have exhibited a most disturbing trend on our island that troubles me greatly.

I have three (likely many more that I don’t know about)  young female friends that I’ve known since they were 15/16 – all three are now grown women, two of them have children ranging from a baby to four year old, the other has a newborn. ALL three of these young women have been deserted by the men that fathered those children. NONE of them get much support from their families or the families of those same fathers. Two of these young women are virtually homeless, depending on friends for a place to stay, with those children, for short periods of time.

We Hawaiians live in a State that depends more on Welfare or ‘State Assistance’ than any other State in our Republic. Our Hawaiian culture, our ‘Aloha spirit’ when it comes to these young women is a sick joke, a VERY sick joke! The link below points ‘Mothers’ to State assistance programs – When you follow it, feel free to show me where it does anything to GO AFTER THE DEAD BEAT DADS!! The “State” (Taxpayers) foot the bills, the Dads move on to the next willing young woman…

These women bare the responsibility for the young lives they brought into the world yet do not have the means to fight for what they deserve by way of child care or help from the responsible MEN that impregnated them and our STATE & LOCAL (county) government virtually  ignores their situation.

Where are our legislators, why are these deadbeat dads allowed to get away with this? As a RILE it takes two people to create a living breathing child.  To me it seems that the men on Hawaii enjoy taking advantage of these young women, who are more often than not under the ‘age of consent’ and with no interference, often with the blessing, of the parent(s) of these under age girls with little fear of consequence.

Their (the fathers) attitude is ‘it’s not my fault that they got pregnant’ why should i be held responsible?


My opinion, something needs to be done to help these women! Perhaps they need to band together and ‘take on’ our local government, because right now, IT STINKS!
Frank Dickinson

Kailua Kona

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Nobody BUT Obama!


It’s sad that the most powerful man in America doesn’t have the stones to stand up and admit he is WRONG!

His whole goal is to make the rest of the world THINK he knows what he’s doing when anyone of average intelligence can easily see through his façade and understand that he is ‘winging it’!

His lack of common skills other than those of communicating his idiotic ideals, has been a waste of time and effort.

A man that has had a real JOB likely gained some work ethics along the way would be able to stand up for our country and make the ‘changes we could believe in’. We know that in HIS case, he had neither the skills of a REAL worker or the ABILITY to accept and excel at the task at hand. To make things worse for America he surrounded himself with incompetence by choosing those that share many of his views and bought their way into his Administration.

He makes no real effort to vent those he picks and lets ‘due process’ cull out the worst in an effort to make the GOP look bad. His answer to everything is to do the most damage he can to our political system and our country by picking and choosing his ‘fights’ on the single premise that the Republicans will stand against him and his flunkies. The single hope is that if he and his Party give people enough ‘free stuff’ and make sure it looks like the opposition is against it, the people receiving the ‘free stuff’ will continue to vote for MORE, regardless of the corruption that comes with it… The major news media still protect this loser and we let them get away with it.

“Hawaiian Effect” – Living in a State like Hawaii, akin to living in California – both welfare States that cling to the Democrats in hope of extending ‘entitlements’ to the ‘poor’ while empowering the 1% that happen to be Democrats. It is challenging for those of us that see and feel the Damage the Democrats do and are trying to make ACTUAL changes for the good of the people. Those of us with the guts to challenge the ‘norm’ might suffer a bit but MOST of us aren’t willing to cave to the hypocrisy that controls our State.

There are MANY young people in Hawaii and across America that aren’t following the ‘rules’ and voting Democrat. As the old farts that lack the ability to digest what Democrats have done to our country (or are receiving ‘kickbacks’ from the Left)  die off and the Young people decide that living with your hand out, waiting for your neighbor to pay his taxes so your can receive your entitlement,  is NOT for them, things will change.

I blog, write letters, talk to people, do volunteer work, mix with the community and share my thoughts & views… My views are simple – AMERICANS are not Socialists and those that are willing to work for a living and care about their families WILL win out in the end. Patience and Education (something that needs work here in Hawaii) will shift the tide. The people here are NOT dumb, they are in a rut and need help to dig themselves out of it. It’s the job of those of us that are successful today to provide the guidance needed to cut the umbilical cord to “entitlements” and the corruption the Democrats are so proud of…

Likely a Democrat/Liberal won’t read this but for those of you that would like some interesting information, check this out:


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It’s time to GET THIS RIGHT!

We are about to enter a new phase in America’s progress. The Democrats are working with a ‘Lame Duck’ President and will have to make the decision on weather they will continue to support his destructive path.

The GOP is NOT perfect, they’ve made plenty of mistakes but NOW we can move on at last. There is a lot to do but they can do it. Before my next rant, here Is a bit of history for you from another world leader. Sometimes others know what is happening to us before we do..


Quote of the Century

Some possess the the vocabulary to sum things up in a way we can understand. This is a quote from the former Premier of the Czech Republic. Obviously, we have a lot of work to do to repair the damage they’ve done.

“The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency that to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious that Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

Vaclav Klaus


The Republicans:

This is the break Republicans have been looking for, it is the time for them to use their heads and NOT make mistakes of the past!

Do NOT let the HARD RIGHT grasp control, it is time to accept and embrace a ‘middle of the road’ format. Embrace the FACT that America is ONLY 238 years old and is yet evolving into something the WORLD is unable to comprehend. We are young compared to the rest of the world, we have yet to actually define what we are. We struggle with this on a day to day, election to election basis.

We, as a country,  STILL need more time to find out what we truly are destined to become! Most Americans have the common sense to understand that Socialism does NOT work, as proven in MANY countries and it is certainly not for us. The Left is still trying to shove it down our throats but they will find it is a tough nut to crack!

I’ve said this more than once but will say it again! If the GOP wants to stay in power, there are some simple things that need to be considered, no hardline stance on:

Gay Marriage – time to realize that Gay marriage is her to stay, live with it.

Abortion – the rights of women trump this, you aren’t going to win.

Integration – Life is short, we have millions of illegals in our country, yes we need to do something about them but there is a right way & a wrong way to do it. Time to figure out the RIGHT way!

Minimum Wage – opt for the STATE to provide this option since each State has a different economy it should be up to them to figure it out.

Legalization of Marijuana –  It’s one thing to disagree with legalization, which I do, but to make a standing issue as if you’re going to ‘fight to the death’ over it is just plain STUPID!

IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE MY FRIENDS, we are a nation founded on immigration, we are the most diverse nation in the world and it’s time for us to stand up and accept the role we are destined to play in the shaping of the world.

The first STEP is to correct the mistakes that the Obama Administration made then move forward..


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Obama (Democrat) facts the Media Ignores!

didn't know

If there is ONE thing that the Democratic Party and the LEFT (yes I mean liberals) can be proud of during Obamas disastrous presidency it’s his FUND RAISING ABILITY!

Obama has done LITTLE  to help our country and PLENTY to do damage. This professional campaigner has been a fake President from the beginning. It’s way to sad to think that so many America’s fell for his line of bull and the rest of  have had to put up with this sick joke for so long.

Time to move on!

remain silent

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Politics & Entitlements – Dependency

“SAVED” – Perhaps, perhaps not!

Across America the Voters finally admitted they’ve had ENOUGH of the CRAP Democrats have been feeding them! Enough lies, enough hate, enough Race Baiting, enough of “war on women”, ENOUGH of all the BULL their Democratic leaders were trying to shove down their throats!

WITH THE EXCEPTION OF HAWAII! People of Hawaii chose to continue to be mired in the political Hypocrisy that Democrats have so aptly used to control their corrupt system for almost 60 years. The choices were clear and evident, sign up for something new and fresh that could move us forward or continue the same old $hit that crushes progress, raises taxes, oppresses the poor and generally promotes welfare.


I’ve waited two LONG  days before creating this post because I had a hard time believing my eyes and ears on Tuesday night as I AGAIN saw so many ‘Hawaiians’ ONCE MORE make one of the dumbest mistakes of their lives. How they continue to vote in incompetence year after year is mind-boggling to say the least.

What is it about “50+ years of oppression by Unions & Democrats” that so many of Hawaii’s population don’t understand?

Are we REALLY destined to be THE State that has the ‘claim to fame’ of being THE “State of Entitlement”? WE are worse than California it that’s possible!!


NOTE! I have NO objection to receiving ‘government assistance’ when it’s needed – BUT if you REQUIRE it to live for YEARS – there is something wrong and you should be thinking of making a ‘life change’ before you end up totally DEPENDENT and vote with legislators that DO NOT have your best interests in mind.  YES I’m talking about Democrats..

My personal curiosity leans towards wondering how many people who ONCE MORE voted for these INCOMPETENT Democrats are on Welfare or government assistance of some sort AND expect more now that Democrats are still in control? Once again the Dems outspent the GOP with support from the Unions, a group that FEEDS on taxpayers like leaches, draining the lifeblood of our residents!

money talks

How many more years are the sensible people in our State going to suffer because it seems that the MAJORITY of the people lack the common sense to vote for someone who JUST MIGHT HELP OUR STATE MOVE FORWARD instead of continuing as a Welfare State.

We ALL know that the LIES the Democrats published about Duke and his involvement in “furlough Fridays” were just that – LIES, yet they still continue to push the lie! Were these lies helpful in promoting the useless Democrats that ended up being elected? No way of knowing because most people will lie about WHY they voted or didn’t vote for someone.

I won’t take time to RANT, those that voted for the usual CROOKS know who you are and WHY you voted for them. IF I missed the mark, feel free to comment – I’m betting I won’t get many!

more of the same

LIVE with you choices!!

And finally – Obama is NOT your friend, any more than is a Democrat your friend! WAKE UP Hawaii!

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Hawaii Health Connector – FAILURE!


Hawaii has had a reasonably good health care system of years. People have grown used to it and most didn’t want change or like the idea of Obamacare.

In the paper (Sept 24th) they published an article regarding the upcoming candidates for Gov and their feelings about the ‘health exchange’ both Democrats admit the Exchange was a mistake and isn’t working!

A ‘DEAL’ that was promoted by Hawaii’s Democrats when they sold their votes to force the ACA down the throats of Americans (including Hawaiians). In the days, weeks and months after the ACA passed our Hawaiian Senators ( Akaka (D-HI), Yea Inouye (D-HI), Yea)  & Representatives bragged about the fact that a ‘special deal’ was made to allow Hawaii to pretty much ‘go about business as usual’ when it came to Health Care!


Over a hundred million in TAXPAYER dollars later and we are STILL having problems with the “connector” all thanks to the DEMOCRATS that sold out millions of people across the country.

Democrats have controlled Hawaii politics for 60 years, we were recently told that we have the WORST ROADS in America, we are the WORST PLACE TO WORK in America. Our TAXES are harder on the poor than those of us that make a decent living. ALL this and the PEOPLE OF HAWAII keep electing the SAME corrupt legislators that worry more about their political career than the people THEY ARE HIRED TO SERVE!

Isn’t it time for Hawaii and her voters to wake up? Looks like it will be “business as usual”!

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Being a Christian & Politics!

 I have NO doubt that this might aggravate some of my ‘friends’ or others that know me but if I keep holding it in it will AGRIVATE ME! I take pride in the fact that I am honest and express what I feel (ever seen my truck??). I try not to hurt people so if asked a direct question that I don’t want to answer I will ‘dodge’ the topic instead of making a hurtful comment. I can’t ‘dodge’ this anymore…


I for one am getting REALLY annoyed about hearing that ANY candidate for office is better than another BECAUSE THEY ARE “CHRISTIAN” (or MORE of a Christian).   AND that if you ARE a Christian, you should vote for a certain individual.

I took the time to go to Wikipedia and look up the definition of ‘Christian’ and was actually surprised to find out that I MIGHT not be one – as described by those who say they are!

“Being A Christian It is a term used as a label to identify people who associate with the cultural aspects of Christianity, irrespective of personal religious beliefs or practices.”

The FULL definition can be found here:

Here is my problem… I am more into politics than I am religion. I strongly believe in SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE though there are places where the two run together and it is NOT going to cause our country to crash and burn.

I also believe in a “Supreme Being” but choose not to but a TAG on who or what that ‘Being’ might look like or represent.

On our Island today I keep hearing “Christians for XXXX” time and again and I can’t help thinking that I’m NOT sure I’m good with that. I don’t expect ANY Governor to bring FAITH (other than “faith” in a fair election) into the position he is chosen for. HE can be a Christian, I have no issue with that at all and hope his faith is a guide to doing right by the people that elect him.

 I will vote for the MAN (in this case) that I think will be best for HAWAII as a WHOLE, not vote for him BECAUSE HE’S A CHRISTIAN.

If I thought that the person that I’ve chosen to cast my vote for was going to be a “bible thumping, fire breathing, burn in Hell Governor” – he wouldn’t be getting my vote! IN FACT, I would be helping with someone else’s campaign!

As it is, I am voting for the MAN, whom I have met and respect. Perhaps, Toning down the “Christian” rhetoric would HELP, not HURT!

I know for a FACT that I am NOT the only person on isle that feels this way…



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Hawaii’s Democrats are STARTING!!



A recent article in the paper (from an outsider)  implied that Hawaii was known for it’s ‘clean’ campaigns during election cycles. Anyone that has EVER lived here knows that was a line of BULLSHIT and that the (west coast) Reporter was likely a Democrat (or liberal)!

Prime example was the latest Hanabusa try for the Senate spot was proof that dirty politics are the RULE, NOT the exception. She followed the approved ‘bait and switch’ plan mixed with lies and innuendo that Abercrombie and Hirono (just to name the most recent) used so effectively painting Lingle & Duke as the bad guys (when we ALL know it was the UNIONS)  that promoted Furlough Friday). The Ruling LEFT of Hawaii, know every dirty trick, have access to deep pockets (that they have filled via their corrupt policies) and do NOT hesitate to use anything they feel useful truth or lies to get what they want.



Yesterday WHT had a letter writer sent a similar FALSE accusation, typical left wing nut logic. Here is the letter:

“Duke’s stance on education suspect It is nice to see that Michelle “Mike” Kerr has a sense of humor. I am positive that Duke was Lt. Governor when the school furloughs happened. He sure sounds like he is “now” an advocate for better education. I don’t know how he manages to say that and doesn’t choke on his words. His actions spoke otherwise when he could have done anything to prove he cared one iota. Lip service gets you elected, but the most embarrassing, disgraceful and downright disgusting attack on the education system, including on the students and educators, happened while he was on duty. I am sure Duke supporters can and will be adamant and creative in his defense, but facts don’t lie. He may not have been in charge, but he sure was in a position to do something.”

See more at:

MY Response that WHT likely won’t print:

“I read the leader from Ray P***i this morning and just shook my head. I was going to just ignore it an chalk it up to another left wing nut that liked to fabricate information when they were afraid of the truth. I couldn’t help thinking, just another hardcore supporter of people like Lazy Mazie and our race baiting president that could care less about facts and just plays the bobble head routine whenever a democrat talks. ‘Lazy’ used the same bogus argument when she ran against Gov. Lingle and many gullible left leaning voters bought into the garbage, conveniently forgetting NOT ONLY was Gov. Lingle going along with the UNIONS suggestion for Furlough Fridays but she had house and senate DEMOCRATS fighting against everything she tried to do. Even when it was pointed out to Mazie she made NO attempt to Apologize for her misinformation, just kept on moving forward, satisfied that she had done enough damage to Lingles campaign to sway the election. So Mr P***i, kindly get your facts straight when you BLAME others for something that YOUR Party is responsible for and in THIS case feel free to SHARE THE BLAME with the UNIONS that came up with the idea instead of blaming the Governor and Lt Governor – who if you actually knew anything about politics in Hawaii – has very little power to begin with!! Duke will make a FINE governor and will try hard to balance our wacky left wing legislators out as Linda did instead of following suit to the 60 years of single party rule Democrats have shoved down our throats.”

 obama_ice cream

When listening to democrats, ask yourself – “where do they come with this BILL?”


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America today



I was amazed that my letter (below) actually made it into the newspaper a couple of days ago. I was amazed that our left leaning WHT still prints my letters from time to time.

“Todays paper, (Aug 18, 2014) had an excellent example of how useless our “organizer-in-chief” really is. He has been the instrument of a divided America, the fall of Iraq into chaos and the all time fund raising champion and campaigner in the pretense of promoting his various failed ideals (Including Obamacare). While the ‘Islamic State’ is becoming more powerful, killing anyone that won’t bow to their will, the world at large is looking down on America and our lack of leadership and realizing that for the first time in decades they can NOT count on America for help and support. Soon we will be retreating from Afghanistan using the same failed reasoning that Obama put forth in Iraq. Our country is a shallow skeleton of what she once was to the world at large. Of course, when all is said and done, Obama will – as always – blame it on President Bush.”

We have little to no hope that our leaders will help clean up the mess that Obama has caused. We have two more years of this dimwit before we can start over.

Our task is to get out the vote, dump the DEMOCRATS that are trying to destroy our once great country!  I do NOT advocate the ‘tea party’ but believe even they would prove to be a better choice than what we have now…

free speech7


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Making Choices – Freedom to Communicate!!



free speech5

I learned at an early age that every living person has TWO things in common! They all have OPINIONS & they all have BUTTS (please note here I didn’t use the “A” word out of CHOICE though it has been used MANY times to describe MY opinions!)

For those that might have forgotten: “Freedom of speech is the political right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas using one’s body and property to anyone who is willing to receive them.” (as defined by Wikipedia)

If you have ever read my blogs (like this one) or my Facebook or Twitter posts, you have realized that I strongly believe in that definition! You may also have noticed that I STRONGLY believe in specific parts of the First Amendment!

Protected by the 1st Amendment: “Criticism of the government and advocacy of unpopular ideas that people may find distasteful or against public policy are almost always permitted.”

free speech9

It has been suggested that I create a new ‘page’ be it Facebook or a web page where I can talk all the politics I want. There is one fundamental thing wrong with that idea and that is, I don’t NEED to have a spot where others that BELIEVE AS I DO, can come and do me homage and complement me on my views, patting me on the back when I bash someone that they too don’t like. I do NOT NEED to be another ‘Huffington Post’ that leans so far to one side (left if you don’t know of them) that they censor those of us that don’t agree with what their core visitors spout regarding their left wing garbage on every and all topics that are posted.

What I DO need is to have the ability to share my views with people I actually care about in the hopes that they will poke their heads out of their fantasy worlds and see the world for what it is. Recent years have brought out the activist in me that I didn’t realize was there. With that in mind, I always hope that ONE of them will look at the leadership of our country today and realize – THIS ISN’T THE AMERICA I GREW UP IN!!

My BEST friend was a hard core liberal that would give you the shirt off his back (and likely the rest of his clothing) if he thought you needed it. I knew him 20 odd years before his untimely death and each time we got together we would talk about ANYTHING that crossed our minds. Politics, religion, work, friends, the world in general and his sex life (which he admitted wasn’t always what he wanted). We could talk about these things without getting mad or throwing things or calling names.  I listened to his point of view, he to mine and we tried to prove these points.  Sometimes we succeeded, sometimes not. The point is, this man was the opposite of me when it came to politics, he was naïve and trusted politicians to be honest and live up to what they promised. He was finding out that often it is NOT the case as with our current President. STILL we were friends til the end and would have remained that way BECAUSE  we could talk about ANYTHING, ANY TIME!

OK, I’ve been rambling, what am I getting at here? It’s quite simple really, Freedom of Speech is THE LAW OF THE LAND! As Americans it is something we expect and covet! It DOESN’T favor ONE side of the political spectrum NOR one group of people! The advent of the Internet has expanded this freedom more than any of us could have guessed and I, for one, take advantage of this ‘new’ medium! I do my very best to check the facts and do the research on the topics I post or discuss on any post.

It doesn’t mater which ‘side’ you are on, you have the right to voice your opinion about whatever and whomever you wish – within the boundaries prescribed by law.

If a person doesn’t like what I am saying, I ALWAYS invite them to dispute my facts – if they prove me wrong I will be the FIRST to admit it and correct any mistakes I make.

So.. Facebook, I’m here for the duration so if you don’t like what I’m saying folks, feel free to move on..

free speech12


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