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BLACK LIES MATTER! (BLM) – A Distraction!

We ALL have an opinion why this is happening, especially now! MINE follows the content of this Blog!

Today we turn on our TV it the news makes us shake our heads in disbelief! People getting shot for being STUPID, the ‘public’ attacking the police, AND a ‘President’ that has NO CLUE REGARDING WHAT IS GOING ON!!  

OR DOES HE? From the beginning of his Presidency Obama has shown us that he is using the top office in our land to push a RACE BAITING agenda!

Every time there is an incident that involves a black man, Obama makes a STUPID remark BEFORE THE FACTS ARE KNOWN!  In MY humble opinion – The ‘man’ is directly responsible for creating the domestic terror group “BLM”!


We are fortunate that there are Black men and women that fully realize what this group of thugs really stand for and aren’t afraid to voice their opinion!

It is SAD that so many LIBERALS choose to ignore what is happening and just fall for the garbage being spouted by Obama, his Administration AND the liberal media!

There are millions of good, hard working Blacks in our country that just want to take care of their families, raise decent children, get along with their neighbors and enjoy life. It is a ‘chosen few’ that can’t handle something so simple and choose to cause problems for the rest of their people and our Country.

You MIGHT ask – why now? Our Race Baiting President has played the ‘dumbass’ for years, why is it coming to a head NOW??

Open your eyes my friends – the REASON is looking over your shoulder! YES – the Democrats are out to elect a CAREER CRIMINAL to replace the FAILED lying ‘organizer’ AND they need a DISTRACTION! They want YOU to FORGET what Killary has done during her life, FORGET that she is an accomplished liar, FORGET that she takes MILLIONS of dollars from country’s that ignore the rights of women AND their own citizens, FORGET that her Family (a den of crooks) have a ‘foundation’ that steals from everyone so they can line their pockets!

The LAST election they used Benghazi and a bogus video to hide the truth that would given Obama a ‘black eye’ today it’s worse – they are using their lies and the LIVES of our police to distract you from the fact THAT HILLARY CLINTON WOULD FINISH THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA THAT OBAMA HAS STARTED!!!



Posted by: Frank | 07/10/2016

Trump or Killary??

free speech2

Feel free to watch this video before going further:

It won’t be long before we have to make a choice on who to support for President of the United States.

The continuing garbage the left try’s to feed us via liberal media makes about as much sense as any other trash written in left wing rags we find today. Just because people are tired of the ‘give me stuff’ attitude being supported by Democrats and liberals in the attempt to buy more votes, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a handle on what has happened to our country. Those that don’t support our 2nd Amendment will be the first to start crying if something happens and we actually need those guns they are so afraid of.

I am NOT a fan of Trump but if it comes to a choice of Him or the lying bimbo Killary, and her womanizing Husband, he WILL get my vote. After the news conference held by FBI head Comey, The very idea that people can STILL support her makes my stomach churn.

Our current President is a total retard, (Oh WOW, not PC here am I? thinking that only he has the answers to everything. He lied his way into office, continues to lie every day. He is the most divisive president we have ever had and it will take decades to undo the damage he has sown upon our country.

The villainization  of ‘conservatives’ is a joke that only liberals and Democrats can appreciate. WE, (yes I am one) wish to provide jobs, opportunity, a way forward for the people around us. Handing them money and ‘stuff’ instead of giving them a chance to become active, productive people is something a Democrat/Liberal would never understand.

Educating the people and showing them that working and becoming a productive part of our society instead of living with their hands out is worth a bit of effort.. Of course, that could mean a lot less votes for Democrats, which would be a fantastic help for Hawaii and other States! If we could rid ourselves of the corruption in our local AND National politics it would be a great step forward!

term limits

Posted by: Frank | 06/01/2016

Election 2016


The Opinion of ONE mostly SANE individual!

If anyone has paid attention to Liberal/Democrats over the years they realize that one of the MAIN things they complain about when referring to Republicans is that ‘they are old’!

NOW – let us look at what the Democrats have to offer – The TWO candidates for the Democrats are totally MIND BLOWING! BOTH “old farts” (what they hate about republicans) that are completely clueless with no accomplishments between them, while the Liberal Democrats constantly complain about the age of Republican candidates that are more qualified for the job.

Perhaps those on the LEFT should do some ‘sole searching’ and look into the HISTORY of these to people that they fall over. As ONE question about Killary – what ONE accomplishment has she had? Kinda like Obama – the answer is SIMPLE – ZERO!

On one hand they have ONE – Numskull Sanders – a true Socialist and LIKELY communist that has NO clue how he will pay for all the ‘free stuff’ he is promising (and won’t be able to if elected)!

Their ‘Best’ offer – Number TWO – Killary, A Liar & murderer as well as a LIFE TIME CROOK, that has absolutely NO scruples of sense of decency.

The fact is quite simple really, Liberals are violent hypocritical bigots that call anyone not agreeing them ‘racist’! We have seen through this primary season the TRUE side they try to hide as resort to insults and violence when protesting against Republicans.
Go figure – why do intelligent people support them – oh – no answer needed, “intelligent” something missing on the left…

Posted by: Frank | 10/25/2015

What is WRONG with our Society?!?


For those of you that don’t know it, I LOVE our country and despise what I see happening on an almost daily basis. I often wonder if I am the only one that gets tired of all the BULLSHIT I am seeing from the F**KING ‘PC Police’! I was raised with the understanding that if you had something to say you said it… Even in my past I tried to consider the feelings of others but TODAY ‘feelings’ hardly play a part in what we are allowed to say be it in person, online or in response to others. I am personally tired of it and will express my opinion when I see/hear something that annoys me…

One of the MOST idiotic things that I can think of is the fact that the people in America puts MORE value on our high profile celebrities than they do on the MEN & WOMEN that protect our country and put their lives on the line EVERY DAY THEY ARE IN SERVICE.  Our values have gone down the tubes…


Each morning I have breakfast, read parts of the paper that interest me (comics & editorial as well as ‘letters’) then go to my computer to check eMail and Facebook. As my ‘friends’ may notice it I read the news feeds and repost the ones I find interesting or insulting!

There is so much going on in this country that depresses me! The upcoming election is a prime example of the bottomless pit we seem to be sliding into. I sometimes wish I were young again so that I could take up the challenge and do something about what’s happening.

Our politics suck, I firmly believe we need TWO things:

  1. TERM LIMITS – to prevent the corruption we are now seeing in big government and to get new & fresh ideas that will keep us moving forward and strong.
  2. A strong THIRD ‘party’ that will challenge the way our government currently works.

Our current President Obama Vetoing a bill because he worries about his image regarding GITMO:

Our Race Baiting President makes dumbass statements showing us just how clueless he is:

Killary tells us that the VA isn’t as messed up as ‘REPUBLICANS’ tell us it is.. Like she’s done the research? LOL

She also ADMITS she lied about Benghazi and the Media nor the public seems to care..

We NEED new ideas, we NEED to change the way our government currently works, we NEED to open our eyes and see what is happening to our country, we NEED to change the way we think!

Posted by: Frank | 10/02/2015

TERM LIMITS are our Friend!

voter fraud - richardson

Likely you have already forgotten about this woman, Ms Richardson – a DEMOCRAT – voted 5 times for a Democrat and had NO remorse.

Democrats fight against  Voter ID’s NOT because it is hard to get an ID but it would be HARDER to commit voter fraud if everyone is required to have one!! Voter fraud helps keep career politicians in office.

My FIRST question: How can you elect the same Senators or Representatives to office over and over for DECADES and say we have a Democratic government? What is ‘Democratic’ about having the SAME people make laws and dictate what is best for us as we follow along like sheep to the slaughter?

Congress will do nothing about this unless we PUSH them to do it. They are fat, dumb (like a fox) and happy with things the way they are, why would THEY want to upset the apple cart??

I know I’ve written about term limits before but you can never touch on this subject too much! America NEEDS term limits because most Americans are too lazy to do the research on candidates when it comes time for another election. It’s much easier to re-elect the incumbent than put forth a little effort to see what the options are. It’s particularly hard for the liberals/Democrats because as long as the money is steam rolling in to the welfare coffers or the perks for the State run ‘assistance’ programs to buy votes, why boot them out?

We in Hawaii have seen this for over 50 years and it works well with those of little ambition or desire for change.

Isn’t that what got Obama elected – his promise of ‘Change’? Of course there has to be some trust involved and with the current administration, anyone with a lick of sense would NOT trust this Race Baiting President or his dubious efforts to make America a better place since he has done just the opposite over the last seven years!

We need a Congress with ‘stones’ and we need to dump lifetime appointments for SCOTUS!

term limits NOW!

Posted by: Frank | 09/07/2015

Sovereignty Advocates or Charlatans..


For the past few weeks I’ve been blogging and responding to many people, most that don’t care about my opinion and don’t want to listen to what i say because I’m an ‘outsider’!

These same people have NO problem with the fact that they recruit ‘outsiders’ that have no vested interest in our Island and what happens here. Because I write against those supporting the protesters against the TMT on our island (Hawaii) and the new telescope going up on Maui, I am the enemy. In reality I care as much about this island as they do – for different reasons, that’s why I believe they are WRONG to attempt to stop such a valuable project.

In an effort to actually understand what is going on I have been researching the ‘sovereignty’ issue. While I have no doubt that those advocating sovereignty do have some valid points/reasons for pursuing this, I also believe the average Telescope protesters are NOT of the same stock as the others using the TMT to force their single goal – desiring Sovereignty.

Fanatics! My new favorite word when it comes to the confused ANTI – TMT / ‘Hawaiian Sovereignty’ people. Fanatic is the perfect description yet not quite strong enough to describe these one track minded individuals.  When it comes to the TMT and Mauna Kea, they are just plain self absorbed “Hawaiians” that continue to be bitter about something that happened in the past that they had NO control of!!

These Fanatics will NOT stop if the TMT isn’t built, they will continue their quest to void Hawaii Statehood. I firmly believe that these ‘Protectors’ could actually care less about the TMT, they quite likely know the good this will do our people, our island and our country in general and are just using the building of this worthwhile Telescope to promote their agenda and rile up the people and get more support for their distorted goals.

While a few people claim that the mountain is “Sacred” there are very FEW places on or around  it that can be PROVEN to fit the claim. So, First and foremost, Mauna Kea is just a DAMN BIG ROCK with NO value other than what it is currently being used for and the occasional ‘religious’ ceremony.

Take a moment to actually thing this through.. Ask yourselves what THEY (the fanatics) have to gain.. It surely isn’t a lava hut or fishing pond and hunting pigs with spears..

The fanatical SO CALLED ‘sovereignty advocates’ are looking to ‘reclaim Hawaii’ – FOR WHAT? Nothing will ever be like the ‘old days’ and they don’t really care about the harm they do to the people of Hawaii or anything else.

My Opinion………..

Posted by: Frank | 08/25/2015

Think about ‘Climate Change’ – BULLSHIT!

I do NO pretend to know all the answers to this question but I do know that no matter WHAT we do and the TRILLIONS of dollars we spend on this BOGUS war on the Climate, NATURE will win in the end! I prefer to spend my time doing my own “Green Thing” by planting more trees and other GREEN plants that USE the CO2 we are creating. Admit it, IT CAN’T HURT and it DOESN’T cost TRILLIONS of dollars! Plant a tree – today! 320,000,000 X 1 Tree CAN help make a difference in our world!



OR This:


TODAY – Idiots promote the lies politicians want them to.

Skewed ‘facts’!

WHY lie about ‘climate change’?

Think about THIS:

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TMT – Mauna Kea – Hate & ‘Violence’


The source of frustration & disagreement.

For the past five (5) DAYS the following is my latest & LAST exchange with one of the fanatics ‘protecting’ Mauna Kea against the construction of the TMT.  INSTEAD of staying on point regarding the TMT and use of the mountain these fanatics choose to fight ‘the war’ for ‘Hawaii ‘independence’.  THIS is what pisses me and others off – the discussion should be about the MOUNTAIN & TMT!! So much for the “aloha spirit”!

After numerous exchanges where he declares that he ISN’T an American citizen though he is happy to accept benefits from the government. The numerous posts involved more profanity and irrelevant ‘information’ from my antagonist as he tried hard to bring me down to his level, then my comment when my fanatic ‘friend’ posted yet another TRASH post:

Please feel free to scroll back through OUR remarks and count the times YOU swore & used FOUL language compared to ME… It will answer your question… When you attack someone – expect like replies – though I kept mine more civil..

HIS reply to me:

You are very welcome!!! There are those who know what is true and there are those like you who only want to hear what you want to hear.

Yes, what I have been saying speaks volume and all your brainwashed idiots need to do is to go to “” and see for yourself if what I am sating is true or false.

If you don’t then all you are doing is speaking volume based on your personal opinions or the contrived and made up history that your United States Government wanted you to believe just as the had done in their illegal occupation of the America’s, slavery, landing on the moon, 911, terrorism and for the past 122 years their illegal occupation of Hawaii.

So as you can see the only ignorance I have exposed to the posters is…..YOURS!!! Had enough or are you dumb enough to come back for more???

Bring It On……

I DID respond to his trash talk though not with Profanity. My final reply in this discussion:

You can NOT claim someone ‘ignorant’ just because they CHOOSE not to argue with you on something that is TOTALY a non issue when it comes to the TMT & the Mountain.

I stated at least a DOZEN times that I COULD NOT CARE LESS about about PROVING that Hawaii was ‘conquered’ is or is not a State! I DO NOT CARE if you or any of your fanatic friends think we are a State! That argument has NO value in the TMT discussion!

You can RANT, CRY, Jump up and down while beating on your chests and screaming to some nonexistent God about how unfair things are today.

HOW can I make it plainer to you or the other clueless complainers that keep throwing that useless argument out there?

It is of ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE or INTEREST to me or other supporters of the TMT AND was not part of or our original conversation about MAUNA KEA!

Feel FREE to Argue the FACTS – it’s a BIG mountain, there is ROOM for the TMT and those that wish to worship, hike, sight see, watch the stars, build snow men/women or do just about anything – WITHOUT disturbing anything that is CLAIMED to be ‘sacred’! Those are the FACTS!

He continues to attempt to taunt me into more idiotic banter that I choose to ignore. I will be happy to discuss the merits of building the TMT or anything else pertaining to the mountain as long is it REMAINS about the Mountain…

Verbal abuse, lies, rocks in the road, glass, brush, resisting arrest, abusing officials that are trying to do their jobs – this is NOT “Aloha spirt” in any form!

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WHO CARES in 2016 – What does it Matter ?!!



Regardless of what happens with our Presidential Election our country will still be a total MESS!! For proof of my statement just look at the last 6.5 years under Obama! Congress is so dysfunctional that even when the whole shebang is under control of ONE party, they get nothing of VALUE accomplished BUT are able to shove legislation down our throats that does HARM to millions upon millions of Americans!

ASK YOUSELVES – Why is our government so dysfunctional?  NOW – look in the mirror – that person you are looking at is LIKELY part of the reason for our problems!

Way to many people are happy just sitting around and accepting what happening around them as long as it doesn’t affect them as individuals! In my opinion, ONE of the major problems we have is the ages of the people that control our government is killing us!  As of August 23, 2015, 5 senators are in their 80s, 18 are in their 70s, 32 are in their 60s!!

Here is some interesting information regarding TERM LIMITS – including the Supreme Court!!

“Reformers during the early 1990s used the initiative and referendum to put congressional term limits on the ballot in 24 states. Voters in eight of these states approved the congressional term limits by an average electoral margin of two to one.[25] It was an open question whether states had the constitutional authority to enact these limits. In May 1995, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5–4 in U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton, 514 U.S. 779 (1995), that states cannot impose term limits upon their federal Representatives or Senators.” More information here:

The average length of service of Members of the House at the beginning of the 113th Congress was 9.1 years (4.6 terms) and for Senators 10.2 years (1.7 terms).18

Below is a link to a page that lists the ages of JUST the Senators and how long they’ve been in office:

We have Congress Persons falling asleep at their desks, reading news papers, playing computer games, barely able to move about because of chronic illness and DYING of old age while in office!


Posted by: Frank | 08/23/2015

TMT on Maunakea Part III


More and more I watch these (few disgruntled) people that profess to ‘protect the Aina’ end up doing more to damage it than protect it, the more it saddens me. Over the past few months I have talked with MANY locals (yes, even ‘Hawaiians’) and asked them how they feel about the TMT.  The VAST majority admit that they SUPPORT or at least DO NOT OBJECT to the TMT project moving forward. They are aware of what the project will do for their children and the State of Hawaii!

My second question was, “do your friends and family agree”? MOST say they keep their opinions to themselves because of specific friends or family that have joined the Anti-TMT protesters.

My third question was, “how do you feel about the ‘Sovereignty‘ movement” that is the REAL agenda of the protest leaders? I have not found ONE person that supports it!

I respond to EVERY blog and letter (WHT and others) that I see and end up hearing the same old sad song “Hawaii was stolen/conquered and we do NOT have to obey any laws from the State of Federal government”.

I have spent 3 days blogging via WHT with people that lack the common sense to even have a civil conversation regarding their (in my opinion) misguided thoughts regarding ‘Sovereignty’ and it’s like hitting your head against  a rock wall. They DEMAND freedom but still want the GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES & HAWAII to continue providing them with their ‘free stuff’! WE (America) owes it to them for conquering Hawaii.  They have gone so far as to say, even though at least one of them is getting welfare money, food stamps and child care dollars – they AREN’T AMERICANS!

MY response – if you aren’t Americans, WHY are you stealing Taxpayer money from us? It didn’t sit well – the name calling got worse.. The last comment was, “good luck finding the treaty of annexation. u helped me to understand that the public must hear this even more…I’m going “to waste my time” educating as many as i meet that there’s no treaty of annexation and show them the US laws that relate to that” 

Regardless of how they feel, they are talking to the wind, Hawaii will REMAIN a State. These are likely good people with families they care about and yet they actually THINK that things would be better for them if Hawaii were ‘free’!  Perhaps they need to look at OTHER small (island) country’s that can NOT support themselves and depend on others to help them through their lives.

Do I have the answers? Never said I do, but I DO know that if these same people put half as much energy into helping to make THEIR HOMELAND better, things could change for the good of the people and they could stop being so bitter..

My Opinion – feel free to disagree and let me know…  Aloha

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